picture of Gail Reifert GAIL REIFERT began historical re-enacting, story-telling, script writing and editing over a dozen years ago and is just getting warmed up. She has portrayed real and fictional characters in presentations given at museums, women's clubs, historical societies, schools, and other organizations.

    GENE DERMODY taught American history, the history of     American women, and California history for three decades at     Cerritos College. In addition to acting, he has written all the     RD Players' scripts...with the help of R, of course. And in fact     is best known as the husband of Gail Reifert.

    Both Gene and Gail owe a huge debt of gratitude to the     administration and staff at the Rancho Los Cerritos museum     for their continuous encouragement to keep on troupin'.
Gene Dermody
THE RD PLAYERS enjoy writing, performing and getting dressed up in period costumes. They've been blessed with audiences, large and small, that have enjoyed learning, or reviewing, or getting a slightly different slant on aspects of America's Victorian Age. In the words of one or the other of them: "When you are center stage and the audience is with you, it's a thrill, a connection between performers and everyone out there--can't see it, but you can feel it." Our goal is to teach a little history, flavored with a dash of humor, and have folks depart saying "Hey, that was fun."


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