A Lifetime Seeker Of Woman's Rights
She Wanted Far More Than The Vote...
She Wanted Equality!

Mrs. Cady Stanton speaks out (assisted by her husband, Henry) about her struggles and frustrations, failures and triumphs, in pursuing her illusive goals.
Mr. Stanton is unique for being supportive--well, most of the time. Through
warm-hearted and occasionally frosty exchanges, they tell the story of her:

The Stantons

...in her shadow

The Stantons

  • realization as a child of her gender's inequality
      --her father lamented she hadn't been born a boy

  • marrying Henry against the wishes of her family
      --he had no paying profession or possible inheritance

  • calling the first-ever woman's rights convention in America
      --declaring: "All men and women are created equal."

  • dress reform efforts--wearing "bloomers" (as pictured)
      --before Amelia Bloomer stitched herself a pair

  • crusade for woman suffrage and equality
      --writing, public speaking, organizing...endlessly

  • being the first woman to run for Congress (1866)
      --she couldn't vote but that didn't stop her

  • colaborating for fifty years with Susan B. Anthony
      --"Elizabeth forged the thunderbolts; Susan fired them!"

  • ...and more!
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