Each runs about 25 minutes; each will tickle your funny bone

What could go wrong, does; what couldn't,...does
While the couple is fictitious, society's rules, customs, and even superstitions are factual--cast in Victorian Age concrete!

A determined beau Courting Penelope!
The Nichols reminisce about their whirlwind courtship
back in a time of strict rules for courting etiquette. Some rules
Mr. Nichol dutifully followed, some he boldly ignored. Either
choice resulted in unforeseen consequences. But he
romantically pushed on...courting Penelope!

Wedding stress?     Wedding Penelope!
When Mr. Nichol advised Miss Primrose to plan their wedding by following time-honored folk wisdom, she ignored his consul and chose to wed in the "wrong" month and the "worst" day of the week, among other decisions, all leading to a star-crossed finale: the morning,
the hour, the "I do" moment of her beau's…wedding Penelope!

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