Her Unparalleled And Tragic Journey
From Kentucky Mansion
To Boarding Room Above A Tavern
To Comfortable Home
To The Presidential Mansion
To Insane Asylum, And Back

"Stepping forward" from 1876, eleven years after the assassination of her husband,
Mrs. Lincoln (assisted by her brother-in-law) describes her:

  • Kentucky childhood
      --a family lineage of wealth and political power
  • meeting and marrying Mr. Lincoln in 1842
      --why she married him in defiance of her Todd family
  • contributions to her husband's political career
       --she was as ambitious as he
  • joys, frustrations and sorrows of married life
       --she outlived three of her children
  • cruel treatment by the Press
       --every alleged misstep:distorted and magnified
  • dealing with the pressures of the horrific Civil War
       --not always admirably
  • "contacting the departed" at Executive Mansion sťances
       --and her husband's reasons for attending
  • tragic night at Ford's Theatre
       --when a joyous day ended in suffocating despair
  • troubled life as Widow of the President
       --her son forced her into an insane asylum
  • ...and more!
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