19th-Century Americans had no idea how humorous
their customs, popular opinions and attitudes would strike us today...
especially, male-female relations
(Each runs 17-20 minutes)

Progress, Progress, Progress!
Miss Morgan stifles an opinion Will schoolmarm Virginia Morgan's scheme
to marry wealthy widower Horace Havlott...
for his money, hit a snag?

Down With Demon Rum!
Mrs.Smythe knows best! Will knocking back teacups of Lydia Pinkham's
potent elixir steady a Temperance Lady's nerves
in combating the evils of alcohol? Uh-oh

A Curious Spinster!
She wants an answer!
Will a spinster pry answers from her embarrassed brother as to, "What kind of conjugal commingling occurs in the marriage bed?" He's an ambassador of ambiguity; she wants specifics! Oh, my.

Her Role In Life!
Lord-and-master speaks!
Will Abigail Adamsly accept her husband's insistence that, "Woman's highest goal is that of a dutiful wife and mother... nothing more, nothing less!"? Or will there be fireworks?

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